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InvestigationG2 proudly partners with

Emily Austen

Her story will leave a forever impression about

Life Choices and the Power of Social Media


Media Expert and Speaker

Emily's Story and The Power of Social Media  

2min Sample

Emily Austen's personal Fall from Grace story features how the hard work invested to reach your Dream Job, can evaporate within 24 hours from a single foolish moment going viral on Social Media.

She has been hosted by schools in 14 NCAA Division 1 Conferences with multiple references including Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher.

Emily was a Student-Athlete at Florida Atlantic University, graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Communications: Multimedia Journalism and a minor in Spanish.

She resides in Lynchburg, VA


InvestigationG2's initiative called "G2Teach" (Gotcha 2 Teachable) partners with programming that changes today's behaviors to prevent tomorrow's mistakes by featuring a "Gotcha Moment" as a "Teachable Moment".

"We seek Speakers that can use their personal story as the example because Student-Athletes do not want to be called out in front of their peers, nor do they respond to 'Death by Powerpoint' presentations."

Steve Kennedy, InvestigationG2 Founder 


- Emily Austen Presenting up to 3 times per day (30-55 Minutes each)

- Meet and Greet after each presentation

- 30-Minute Pre-Planning Consultation (prior to arrival)

- InvestigationG2 Reports for individuals of your choice

- Travel  (Emily resides in Lynchburg, VA)


1) Power of Social Media - Emily's personal Fall from Grace story
Helping others understand the impact of their decisions online through Emily’s personal story as well as a catered presentation on social media education.

2) Media Training
Practicing tools on how to conduct yourself in an interview and understanding how to succeed when faced with tough questions from the media.

3) Building Your Brand Online
Lessons on how to use your platform by building a positive image on social media and strategizing a plan to change the narrative after making a public mistake.

More about Emily at

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