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Book InvestigationG2's Founder as a Speaker for your next event

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InvestigationG2 Founder

Steve Kennedy

Steve Kennedy is known as a change agent in the business of sports management.  He has provided problem-solving solutions to this industry since 2005 and is credited with influencing a paradigm shift in how schools approach the Student-Athlete Recruiting process that continues to be a standard that's benchmarked against today.  These solutions were eventually adopted by other departments including Social/New Media, Marketing, Video/Film Production, Admissions and Compliance.  


78% of today’s Power 5 Conference members utilized these services and 38 projects won awards from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. 


In 2017, Steve founded InvestigationG2 with the intent to promote responsible Social Media behavior by educating audiences about common Cyber-Investigation Techniques and the Technologies used in Social Media Screening.

He resides in Atlanta, GA


Cyber-Investigation TNT! (Technology and Techniques)
The internet is written in Ink, not Pencil.  Your historical digital footprint is how people measure your character, which impacts every personal and professional relationship you'll ever have. 


Understanding the Technology and Techniques Cyber-Investigators use to paint that picture can help you take control of your personal brand and image.

Attendees will also learn about Federal laws that are designed to protect how your information is discovered and how employers can use it to make hiring and firing decisions.

NOTE: Each audience member will receive their personal InvestigationG2 report


- Presenting up to 3 times per day (30-55 Minutes each)

- Meet and Greet after each presentation

- 30-Minute Pre-Planning Consultation (prior to arrival)

- InvestigationG2 reports for each audience member

- Travel (Steve resides in Atlanta, GA)

More about Steve at

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