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NOTE: This is not to be considered an endorsement by the conference

SEC Bylaw 14.1.18 Serious Misconduct.  

A prospective student-athlete, including a transfer, who has been convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to a felony involving serious misconduct, or has been subject to official school disciplinary action at any time during enrollment at any previous educational institution (excluding limited discipline applied by a sports team or temporary disciplinary action during an investigation) due to serious misconduct (as defined herein) shall not be eligible for athletically-related financial aid, practice or competition at an SEC member institution.  An institution shall conduct an appropriate inquiry into a prospective student-athlete’s background that at least satisfies the Conference’s minimum due diligence expectations (see Appendix B) prior to providing the prospective student-athlete athletically-related financial aid or allowing him/her to participate or compete.  Incidents of serious misconduct involving an enrolled student-athlete shall not be subject to these provisions.   For purposes of this provision, “serious misconduct” is defined as sexual assault, domestic violence, other forms of sexual violence, dating violence or stalking; or conduct of a nature that creates serious concerns about the safety of others. [Adopted: 5/29/2015, Revised: 6/3/16, Revised: 6/1/18 effective 10/15/18]

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